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Waymo (Google Self Driving Car) will hit Michigan Roads to make self driving better in Snowy Regions

Updated: Oct 29, 2017

Waymo formerly known as Google Self Driving Car will hit Michigan - a midwestern U.S. state, this winter in the time of first snowfall of season. This will make driving skills more advanced that Waymo has developed over last eight years by teaching cars how to handle things like skidding on icy, unplowed roads. Waymo has been running cold weather tests since 2012 to improve their technology.

And the reason for choosing Michigan was that snow there comes in many different forms: light fall, dense flakes, powdery dust and even slanted sleet. As these different snowy forms fall from the sky, they create all kinds of conditions on the ground, from solid banks of snow lining the street to a slippery, icy layer coating the roads - says John Krafcik, CEO of Waymo.



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