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Intel introduces its First High Speed SSD for desktop PC and workstations

Intel yesterday announced the launch of the Intel Optane SSD 900P Series, the first SSD for desktop PC and workstation users built on Intel Optane technology. Intel, in collaboration with Roberts Space Industries, announced the new SSD at CitizenCon, a Star Citizen community gathering in Frankfurt, Germany. SSD is Solid State Drive much faster than hard disk drive, SSD do not having moving parts and data is stored in microchips.

Intel says it is up to four times faster than competitive NAND-based SSDs. It is indirectly comparing its new SSD with Samsung's SSD. The Intel Optane SSD900P Series will available in three variants, one of 480 GB capacity and other two of 280 GB capacity varying its height. All three SSDs come with 5 year warranty period.

You can check more details about its new SSD at official Intel Website



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