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Google polished it's Science Journal App; now with more sensor support !

This app is for science enthusiasts, observers, thinkers and for those who want to do practical experiments and observers in daily life. This app helps people use phone sensors and other external sensors too to take observations and save them and analyze much like real journal unless you do here is by yourself. This app will also help school and college students do their science homework, assignments, practicals and experiments too.

Google released a “Science Journal” app last year for helping experiments measuring and monitoring light, sound and motion using a smartphone. The goal of the project is to turn our Android Phones and Smartphones into Scientific tools.

From the feedback from teachers, it has now been easier to record and keep notes turning app into Digital notebook for experiments.

The app has received handful of updates that makes it easier to measure and fill the notes as you observe the world around you. Google also mentioned that they are continuously working on to enhance the type of observations you record. It works with the sensors available in your phone to measure the data.

The updated version now supports three additional sensor: a linear accelerometer, magnetometer and a compass with hardware capability.

Google collaborates with universities and education companies to add numerous activities that not only add additional features but also activities to make it more precise and guided.

For more information please visit this Making and Science

Download App free from Play Store

Download App free from App Store



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