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A revolution how courier is delivered (Amazon key)

Amazon, tech giant in the market always comes up with the new idea. Yesterday, it announced “Amazon Key” which enables “In-home delivery and secure guest access”. The service is recently available for prime members who can conveniently received their delivery when they are away from home. Amazon is selling the product by calling it as “Amazon Key in-home kit.” You will get “Amazon cloud cam” indoor security camera and compatible smart lock from Kwikset or Yale. The cloud cam is a hub that is connected to the Internet via your home Wi-Fi , camera transmits information with the lock over Zigbee, a wireless protocol used by many smart devices.

When you shop on Amazon, you will find an option to give permission for in-home delivery. When courier arrives with a package of in-home delivery, it scans the barcode and request is sent to Amazon’s cloud. After authentication, Amazon cam is activated and door is unlocked so that you can watch live of the delivery from your smartphone. Amazon key will launch this November 8 starting in 37 cities in USA covering millions of items. Amazon Cam also supports the guest unlock feature which allows you to remotely unlock the door.

The product is priced starting $249.99



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