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Google is opening new office in Tokyo, Japan in 2019

When Google was just three years old, in 2001 it opened its first office outside U.S. in Tokyo. Before Gmail and YouTube there was Google Japan. Now that Google had grown in huge way that it has 150 offices in over 60 countries and Google Japan has strength of 1300 Googlers.

Today Peter Fitzgerald, VP of Google Japan announced next phase of Google in Japan with a new office in Shibuya, Tokyo, opening in 2019 that will help Google to double size of team in Japan. Also Google is announcing initiative working with Minna No Code, to help bring computer science education to more than two million students across Japan to ensure that all Japanese students receive a computer science education by 2020.

Google is working on exciting new ideas for design of their new office and have shared photos in its official blog:



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