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Nissan unveils Technology to drive Car with your Brain

Nissan is the multinational automobile manufacturer. It's headquarter is located in Yokohama, Japan. According to Nissan, the company is showing capabilities of the exclusive Brain to Vehicle technology at the CES 2018 show.

Nissan uncovered it's years of a research project that allows vehicles to understand the signals from the driver's brain changing the way how people interact with their cars. Brain to vehicle technology will make the autonomous vehicle more entertaining. The signals received from our brain while turning the steering wheel or pushing the accelerator pedal are decoded to predict action and detecting discomfort. After that, the car will enhance the reaction times and enhance manual driving. A car can also detect the discomfort and with the help of artificial intelligence, it can change the driving configuration or driving style while in autonomous mode.

Some other anticipated features include adjusting internal environment. According to researcher Dr. Lucian Gheorghe," The potential application of the technology is incredible". The technology is the world's first system that can measure the brain waves and analyze the autonomous system.

Nissan will be using the driving simulator to use the applicability of the technology at CES. The display will be available at the booth 5431 in Las Vegas Convention Center's North Hall.

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