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LG and HERE teams up to provide HD Live Map for Autonomous Vehicle

Today LG released an official statement announcing the partnership with HERE Technologies to work on the telematics solution for autonomous vehicles. HERE technologies is a global provider of digital mapping and location services. The amalgam of the LG's advanced telematics technology and the HERE powered map data and location services can play the vital role in the telematics technology. Their combination leads to support automakers all around the globe with a robust and secure communication hub for highly automated and fully autonomous cars.

Telematics is an industry that is an integration of telecommunications and informatics to provide vehicle safety and environment services such as navigation, location confirmation, and emergency dispatch through various communication technologies powered from GPS and Digital Multimedia Broadcasting networks to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and mobile communication.

HERE is providing its services to automotive industry and more than 100 millions cars on the road use its technology. The company is focusing on working with automotive car makers for HD live map that is highly accurate and cloud-based map service. It will also support ADAS which is Advance Driver Assistance System, and automated driving solutions, LG is planning to deploy the feature with the joint collaboration. Engineers in the LG is developing 5G which is expected to reduce the 90 percent latency, and five times faster than LTE. LG is working to play a crucial role in being a communication hub to autonomous vehicles and it will lead to more customized driving features.

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