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Now you can know when someone uploads Your Photo on Facebook

Whenever we upload the group picture on Facebook, Facebook provides a suggestion to tag friends based on its Face Recognition Technology. Yesterday, Facebook announced an optional tool to manage the privacy of the users using its face recognition.

Facebook is attempting to warn users whose photo is uploaded in profile picture without tagging them in a photo. Facebook will notify you, even if you haven't been tagged in the picture. You can have full access to control the image and you can choose whether to tag or leave yourself untagged. The tool is created to prevent people from impersonating others on Facebook.

Facebook launched an automatic alt-text tool that describes photos, to people with vision loss. Now, People who use screen readers can know who appears in their News Feed even though they aren't tagged.

Face Recognition Technology analyzes the pixel in photos in which you're already tagged in and generates the template. The images and videos, which are uploaded to Facebook servers are compared to those of templates.

Facebook took a feedback from the users and as per the feedback, you will soon see the Face Recognition setting and you can decide on/off to control the images.

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