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LG announces it's Iconic Styler with Maximum Capacity

In the upcoming CES 2018, LG Electronics is planning to display it's gargantuan Styler that can allow the storage up to six garments.

As per the announcement made by LG Electronics, It is unveiling it's Styler with Wi-Fi Connectivity and other smart feature that help users to make life easier. According to LG, the Styler is built in such a way that it can handle the garments which need an extra bit of care such as brassieres, blouses, coats and formal wear to jeans, jumpers or even baby wear and plush toys. It has got expanded interior that allows room for clothes which occupies extra space. and room for more jackets.

The Styler is integrated with TrueSteam technology that cleans garments and cleans the unpleasant smells from the clothes. LG affirms that it removes 99 percent of allergens and bacteria from cloth and hot steam sprayed onto the cloths sterilizes as well as straightens while the Moving Hander shakes the remaining wrinkles. The LG's newest Styler will be put on display during CES 2018 from Jan 9-12 in booth #11100 in Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The Styler is certified by the British Allergy Foundation for effective sanitizing and reducing allergens with TrueSteam.

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