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Get Beautiful Photographs of World Heritage Sites officially from UNESCO

UNESCO in collaboration with the Panasonic Corporation released the 2018 World Heritage Calendar application for PCs and tablets starting Wednesday, 13th December 2017.

The calendar application is available in five languages; Japanese, English, French, Chinese, and Spanish. After the installation of the software, Users can view the beautifully clicked pictures of the World Heritage sites around the globe.

For the January, Fujsan is featured which is considered as the source of the inspirations for artists and poets. In February Calendar, Los Glaciares National Park of Argies which contains exceptional natural beauty with numerous glacial lakes and towering mountains.

For the protection of World Heritage Sites and promoting youth education focusing on the UNESCO Associated Schools (9,000 schools in 180 countries overall in the world), UNESCO and Panasonic promised to extend the calendar content in the coming days. The UNESCO World Heritage Calendar can be downloaded from the following sites for free: World Heritage Calendar For PC and For iPad/Android

To view on the website, you can visit the following links:

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