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Start to Learn Quantum Computing with free toolkit by Microsoft

Back in September, Microsoft announced the progress made in Quantum Computing. The progress includes the integration of a new programming language with Visual Studio that can render both quantum simulator and a quantum computer. According to a famous researcher, Quantum computing is future of computing and tech giants are working to full potential to master it. Microsoft announced The Quantum Development kit back in September at its ignite conference.

Microsoft today released the free preview version of its Quantum Development Kit which includes the Q# programming language, a quantum computing simulator, and other resources for people those who want to build applications for a quantum computer. Q# programming language is specifically designed for quantum computing. The programming language is fully integrated with Visual Studio and enterprise-grade development tools for quantum programming. Along with the Development Kit, Microsoft is providing Azure simulators that let you work with Studio to run, test and debug the quantum solution.

Azure simulators can be simulated more than 40 logical qubits of computing power. Microsoft is also providing a suite of documentation, libraries and sample programs that can help you get around and get information to the aspects of quantum programming. The kit will allow programmers to run the code on the quantum simulator, and that same app can be also run on the topological quantum computer. Microsoft is working on to build the general purpose quantum computing and it believes that world can leverage of quantum computing to work from artificial intelligence to climate change.

Topological quantum computing is an approach of Microsoft to build a robust and full-fledged quantum computing system that includes the quantum computing hardware to software.

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