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Samsung started manufacturing 512GB eFUS for Upcoming Flagship Mobile Phones and Tablets

Samsung Electronics today announced it has started manufacturing 512-gigabyte( GB) embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) for next-generation mobile devices. Samsung is using it’s latest 64-layer 512-gigabit(Gb) V-NAND chips, the new 512GB eUFS package provides unparalleled storage capacity and outstanding performance for upcoming flagship smartphones and tablets.

Storage capacity is vital in the mobile phones, as mobile has been popular and traditional Micro SD cards are slow in performance. The Samsung 512GB provides the best solution for the best-embedded storage. It consists of eight 64-layer 512Gb V-NAND chips and controller chips, stacked together that provides it double density from the previous 48-layer chips. For example, the new high-capacity eUFS enables a flagship smartphone to store approximately 130 4K Ultra HD (3840×2160) video clips of a 10-minute duration*, which is about a tenfold increase over a 64GB eUFS which allows storing only about 13 of the same-sized video clips.

For performance and energy efficiency of the new 512GB eUFS, it has the instigated the new set of proprietary technologies. The 64-layer 512GB eUFS solution contains twice the number of cells compared to 256GB eUFS controller chip that speeds up the mapping process for converting logical block address to those of physical blocks. The read and write performance is increased and transferring files is 8 times faster than typical microSD.

Samsung intends to steadily increase an aggressive production volume for its 64-layer 512Gb V-NAND chips, in addition to expanding its 256Gb V-NAND production. This should meet the increase in demand for advanced embedded mobile storage, as well as for premium SSDs and removable memory cards with high density and performance.

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