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Android Oreo Go edition is here for entry-level smartphones

Google gave an early hint on the Project name " Android Go" at Google I/O this year. Android users have been growing at an exponential rate and now it has reached to 2 billion active devices all around the globe. Google, today announced the Go version of Android oreo launching part of Android 8.1 release.

Android Devices running 512 MB to 1GB of memory will come to experience all the Go Optimizations. Android Oreo is basically focused on three core components. Performance and storage improvements have been made to the OS with data management features and securities built in. A new set of Google Apps are designed to lighter and relevant devices. Google Play Store is optimized and will let you apps designed to work best on your device.

Android Oreo Go edition is designed for speed and reliability on the entry-level devices that means the average app will be 15 percent faster, that would save a world a cumulative one million hour of time. Google is co-operating partners to either optimize the app or create a new app to run well on entry-level devices. Google Go is built in an alternative to Google Assistant that allows us to quickly send messages, make calls, set alarms, and more from the voice and single touch. Storage and optimizations features are made smoother with the File Go app which Google announced today.

Android Oreo Go edition will be soon available from the partners in the coming months.

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