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Google Search has new functionality for Finance related infromation

Google search has been the important part of our online activity. Whenever we want to achieve something or learn, we immediately think of Google Search. With the growing popularity and users, Google has announced yet another tool for the people who have interest in finance. Yesterday, Google introduced an expanded finance into it's Google search on desktop and mobile web.

Now you can see the navigation tab " Finance " under the search. You'll have easier access to financial information based on the interest, and the depth insights about the market and companies. You can also get information regarding the performance of the stocks you follow, and recommendations based on your interested related news, market indices, and currencies.

This is a polished version of Search for the people who care about the stocks and can get the new experience on clicking 'more' after conducting the search on finance-related information or 'Market summary' in the finance section of Search.

You can get this experience on

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