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Volocopter is making the human dream true to fly by making affordable, single seat helicopter for individuals.

Founded in:


Founded by:

Alexander Zosel

Stephan Wolf

Mountain Lake
Beach Huts
Ferris Wheel
Palm Trees
City Cycle

What's the Innovation?

18 quiet rotors, simple operation using a single joystick and the highest degree of reliability using superior design: The Volocopter 2X turns the vision of “flight for all” into reality. No combustion engine, no noise, no complex mechanics.​

Problem to be Addressed:

The company wants to solve the rising problem of Traffic and Pollution. The need for individual mobility will continue to rise sharply in the future. Traffic congestion, emissions and extremely high costs for infrastructure are already pushing cities to their limits. Social challenges of this magnitude require a new perspective at times.

Story of Formation:

Goal and Mission:

The company’s stated objective is to make every human’s dream of flying come true and to help modern cities resolve their increasing mobility issues.




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