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This robo-startup wants to help Indian households by introducing robots in various household tasks like cleaning.

Founded in:


Founded by:

Mudassir Ansari

Pankaj Kumar

Mountain Lake
Beach Huts
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Palm Trees
City Cycle

What's the Innovation?

The company is currently working on home mopping and vacuum cleaning robot. The average costs of such robots is comparatively higher, so they are designing affordable and functional robot for Indian Household. The company is also working on new kind of staircase cleaning robot.

Problem to be Addressed:

The company wants to bring robots in household cleaning. This will help people save time and energy in cleaning process.

Story of Formation:

Their startup journey dates back when they were kids. Though miles apart as Pankaj Kumar (Mechanical Engineer) is from Gazipur and Mudassir Ansari (Civil Engineer) from Allahabad, they both were fond of Robots and latest technology. What more to say than Pankaj designed his first Humanoid on a piece of paper when he was in class 8th. He felt a kind of strange attachment with all sort of electrical motors since childhood and his love for automobile engineering is nostalgic as he dreams to build his own hydrogen fuelled engine one day. No screws were left unturned by him, as he was always keen to know what is actually taking place inside the device. Radios, cassette players, VCRs, CD players and how can we forget ‘toys’, nothing was left untampered when curiosity used to get into his mind. Mudassir usually preferred diving into the deep ocean of unexplainable events, mobile phone technology, space science and modern technology since childhood. Being an average student when it comes to academics, he was really good at ART and CRAFT. After 8th standard, he started digging about robotics, though his knowledge remained only at the surface level. By the time he reached Intermediate, he knew, creativity, which was a gift of god and further polished by his mom, is what he have in his and that made him stand out rather than fitting into the crowd. Not just he learned Robotics but also motivated thousands through seminar sessions, to explore it during his college days. They always had in mind to start their own company. They, after rejecting some job offers and combined their dreams and decided to start their very own startup by the name SYBYLLINE TECHNOLOGIES right after college. They failed a number of times before they could come up with their product idea. They got rejected at first in their initial phase by many. They sacrificed a lot to start this journey but those sacrifices were tiny as compared to what entrepreneurship has taught them. Their journey has just started, They have the whole universe waiting for them out there. If either of them had started alone, I don’t think they would have made it so far, Its both of them together who not only worked together, laughed together, played together, learned together, and won together but also have cried together, lost together, sacrificed together and recovered together. As Sir Ratan Tata has said, “IF YOU WANT TO WALK FAST, WALK ALONE. BUT IF YOU WANT TO WALK FAR, WALK TOGETHER. They are in our early stage but one thing is for sure, they will reshape robotics and bring it to every doorstep within the reach of INDIA.

Goal and Mission:

To make Robots be a part of daily household work in Indian families. Founders have dream of making India a Robotics oriented hub.




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