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Solar Roadways is creating milestone by making solar panel roads which produces electricity and thus helping in making clean and green environment.

Founded in:


Founded by:

Scott Brusaw

Julie Brusaw

Mountain Lake
Beach Huts
Ferris Wheel
Palm Trees
City Cycle

What's the Innovation?

Solar Roadways use Solar Panel to build roads which produces electricity. This roads are flat, doesn't soften at high temperature, remains ice free and requires no paint.

Problem to be Addressed:

Solar Roadways is using solar energy to produce electricity and helping in creating green energy. They also solve problems of roads that are made of concrete and asphalt by providing flat and strong panels to use as road.

Story of Formation:

Once walking in the garden, Scott and Julie were reading Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth and were feeling very concerned about climate and environmental issues. Julie wondered aloud whether roads could be made out of solar panels. We’d been contemplating buying rooftop solar panels out of concern for the environment. Suddenly, an image popped into Julie’s mind of solar panels on the driveway and the road. She asked Scott’s opinion of this idea, but he just laughed and said that would be impossible – the fragile solar panels would be crushed by cars. Julie dismissed the idea, but Scott’s engineering mind just couldn’t let it go. About a week later, he said, “If we can design a protective case, then you might be onto something about that solar roadway idea.” After that they spend many hours working on idea.

Goal and Mission:

To produce electricity from roads using solar panels.

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