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ProGrade Digital provides the highest quality, best performing digital memory cards, card readers and workflow software for professionals who create using DSLR, mirrorless, camcorder and digital cinema cameras.

Founded in:


Founded by:

Wes Brewer

Mark Lewis

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What's the Innovation?

ProGrade Digital focuses on Performance, Quality and Reliability. They are providing high performance memory card which has massive storage of 1TB and whooping speed of 1400 MB/s. This company is revolutionizing the world of media storage devices.

Problem to be Addressed:

With high end cameras you need high performing memory cards which can give you surety that your pictures and videos are being stored in very high quality at high speed. ProGrade digital not only gives you this surety but also provide a big storage and very high data writing speed, so you can shoot long videos and photos with high quality without worrying about memory.

Story of Formation:

ProGrade Digital founders are former executives from both Lexar and San Disk, where each has held executive or senior management roles in engineering, operations and/or marketing. The founding team brings extensive experience in the design and development of memory cards and is able to leverage years of knowledge, plus industry relationships, to aid in designing and delivering products of uncompromising performance, quality and reliability.

Goal and Mission:

to provide the highest quality, professional grade memory cards and workflow solutions.

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