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Ghost Robotics™ is revolutionizing legged robotics and the market for autonomous unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) used in unstructured terrain and harsh environments. Their quad-UGVs are unstoppable. ​

Founded in:


Founded by:

Avik De

Gavin Kenneally

Mountain Lake
Beach Huts
Ferris Wheel
Palm Trees
City Cycle

What's the Innovation?

At Ghost Robotics they are making durable, low cost robots with long battery life.

Problem to be Addressed:

They are making robots which can go to places a person can't, like for help in the fire. The robots are legged robots ,i.e., they walk on legs. Thus they may be considered in the advanced robots till date. They also make this robots very durable and low cost.

Story of Formation:

Ghost was founded by Avik De and Gavin Kenneally in late 2015 at the urging of Daniel Koditschek, Alfred Fitler Moore Professor of ESE at the University of Pennsylvania Engineering School, and the foremost authority in the field of bio-inspired robotics. Both were working on a range of difficult problems associated with commercializing legged robots. While bipedal and quadrupedal robots may be theoretically superior to wheels and tracks, the complexity and costs associated with deploying commercial solutions has been a major roadblock. Many years of work on direct-drive quadrupedal robot designs and locomotion led to the launch of Ghost Robotics and belief that affordable legged robots were not too far off in the future. They were joined by Jiren Parikh at inception, with support from the University of Pennsylvania.

Goal and Mission:

A portfolio of easy-to-operate legged and hybrid UGVs from very small, foldable and ultra-fast ISR and public safety devices, including disposable warfare and marine swimmer models; to small and medium asset inspection, scientific and in-building security robots; and larger perimeter and all-campus security, logistics and delivery, and heavy task-mules. Tele-op, semi, assisted and fully autonomous.

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