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Waymo's car hits 4 million self-driven miles

Waymo, an autonomous car development company handled by Google's Parent Company has been testing project since 2009. In a mission to make it safe and easy for people to move around, Waymo's fleet has officially reached more than 4 million self-driving miles on public roads.

The project's ultimate goal is to make the driverless car safer and the experience gathered on the public roads without anyone in the driver's seat helped to focus on varied and complex driving scenarios.

Waymo cars were around in 23 cities that include San Francisco, Bay area, the hills of the Santa Cruz mountains, and the dust storms of Arizona. Waymo can also handle the most common scenarios that lead to collisions, such as aggressive drivers barreling out of driveways.

With this accelerated learning cycle, Waymo has been able to teach vehicles the advanced driving skills necessary for full autonomy.



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