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Snapchat and BMW created augmented reality trial ahead of launch

BMW X2 is scheduled to launch in 2018, but starting today Smartphone users can experience the first ever BMW X2, anywhere and even ahead of schedule. BMW is the first brand worldwide to leverage the potential of the new Snapchat " Augmented Trial" Lens.

From today, fans all over the world can use augmented reality technology to view and configure a realistic 3D model of the latest edition to the BMW X family. At the start of communications in late October, BMW already reached an audience of millions across the Europe with the BMW X2 Face lens in Galvanic Gold.

Snapchat is the important tool in the digital world, with the help of digital tool BMW is reaching out to its fan in a most effective technological way. Snapchat is a modern way to share and its filters are popular across young people. According to the Jorg Poggenpohl, " We wanted to insert ourselves in an organic way into the Snapchat environment and its users across the world. That is the most meaningful way to address our fans in a style that fits the channel and the target group.

BMW becomes the first brand to use the Snapchat Augmented Trial Lens, enriching reality with the digital content. A brief clip shown between user stories or in the "discover" area, directs Snapchat user's attention to the new BMW X2. If the user decided to swipe up, their camera is activated. The app automatically integrates a 3D model of the BMW X2, virtually, anywhere in the world, before it even reaches BMW showrooms.

In addition to Snapchat, the BMW X2 " Be the one who dares" campaign is using many other digital marketing channels. At the start of Communications in October, prospective customers and fans were able to experience the BMW2 in the most innovative way. Further partnerships with popular apps and internet service will continue between now and market launch in March 2018.



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