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PowerbyProxi -Wireless Charging Company is acquired by Apple

iPhone 8 and iPhone X both supports wireless charging. Though their rivals has already the feature of wireless charging few years ago, Apple is late to introduce it. Recently, Apple acquired a New Zealand firm PowerbyProxi that designs wireless power products for consumers and industry. New Zealand media confirmed the acquisition, but both parties denied to provide details about the purchase.

Wireless Technology was started few years back in Samsung smartphones, since no wire is needed for charging, a phone is place in dock or a pad. Apple has been slow to adopt the technology. In February, Apple joined the industry that develops the Qi wireless charging standard, the Wireless Power Consortium. With the Acquisition, Apple can offer much larger pads that could quickly charge multiple consumer devices, including laptops and even electric scooters, report Jake Saunders, Asia Pacific vice president of ABI Research. Apple also announced with the single pad you can charge iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpod, which is rather compelling.

PowerbyProxi was founded in 2007 as a spin-out of the University of Auckland.



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