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Now you can get Salary information directly on Google Search

Google Search have become a part of us now, whatever we get muddled off, we browse google. From jobs to reserving tickets of movie, we use Google. Google worked with the leaders across the industry to introduce a new tool improvising job search.

Google introduced the new experience earlier this year and is already successful in connecting tens of millions of people to find new job opportunities. Google Search is introducing new features based on the feedback from the job seekers for more efficiency. Now, you can access the salary information of the job postings, improved location settings and job applications choices directly in the Search.

One of the major fact of the job is salary, showing the result of the salary will provide the essential information. Estimated wage are shown based on the specific job title, location and employer. Those data are drawn across the web like Glassdoor, PayScale, LinkedIn, Paysa and more. They also planned to show a comparison to the estimated range for the job if possible.



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