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Image Search and Find it on eBay changes the whole experience of Searching in Online Shop!

We often like the items other people wear , or simply the photos on Social Medias and websites. If you are confused about the product, eBay has a solution for you. On October 25, eBay introduced image-recognition ability on eBay’s mobile apps- Find it On eBay and Image search. The features allows consumers to use pictures instead of words to search eBay’s 1.1 billion products that are new and unique. The feature Is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you find the things you love, making the entire shopping on mobile devices.

Find it On eBay allows use to search from any social media like Facebook, or while browsing favorite blog or website. You can simply “share” the image with eBay and eBay mobile app will show similar listings. Image Search on the other hand will allow to capture the photo or use an existing photo available in your phone and it will search for the items that has a close match or visually similar to what you want to buy. It works with the deep learning model called convolutional neural network to process the images. The output of the model gives the representation of your image so that it can compare the images of the live listings on eBay. As, consumers continue to search with pictures, those features will get smarter, learn and improve on the results that are shown.

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