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Get update about the Tickets from YouTube App.

Updated: Nov 17, 2017

It has been a while YouTube Music has been around for people to view the music videos from their favourite artists. YouTube always find a way to help the artists to build connections of artists with their fans. Most people watch and listen songs on YouTube music application. People those who love to visit the live performances of their favourite artists can now get update regarding the shows, and see tickets availability. One of the major revenue source for the artists is now the live performances, YouTube music is helping more to artists for connecting with the fans.

YouTube has been a favourite place for people to watch and listen to the videos; they have been experimenting with the different ticketing system to offer the ticketing experience. It has now announced partnership with the Ticketmaster. Starting from Yesterday, YouTube is featuring hundreds of artist’s upcoming U.S tour dates on their YouTube Videos. Fans watching to the artist’s official music video can now learn about the upcoming concert listings and with a simple click, they can purchase ticket from Ticketmaster.

YouTube fans connected with the Ticketmaster has now the ability to purchase tickets and view the roster of concerts. It is soon rolling out to all the artists who have Ticketmaster shows in North America and globally. YouTube is continuously working to help artists to build connections in meaningful way.

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