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Apple makes more money with services than other products combined

Apple release it's fourth quarter earnings yesterday. Surprisingly, Apple gained $8.5 billion from

it's services in the past quarter, a 34% percent year over year increase. Revenue is more than both iPad and Apple's other products combined which include AirPods and other accessories, Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPod touch, and Beats products-Combined.

Apple services include Apple Music and iCloud, in which company said there was a significant growth on the subscription; Apple also saw more downloads and longer time spent in the App store following a redesigned iOS 11 in September.

Apple services growth has been increased since the expansion of Apple Pay to countries around the world, including Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and the UAE in the last month, Apple expects to sell a lot of iPhones over the holidays, and customers are clearly waiting for iPhone X more than ever. Company is projecting a massive quarter to start 2018 forecasting upwards of $84 billion in sales. Apple brought in $56.2 billion in revenue for the quarter, with net income of $10.7 billion. Sales of Macs and iPad's were both up by more than 10 percent from the same period last year.



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