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A new app for content creators on Facebook

Updated: Nov 19, 2017

Facebook wants to build a different platform. On August, Facebook instigated Facebook Watch for shows on Facebook simplifying completely new experience on watching videos. Facebook currently released an app called Facebook Creator, and it includes a bunch of tools like streaming video, updating stories, and message people across several of Facebook's platforms

Facebook is helping and building the content creators and with the tools available, it is a fun way to interact with the fans. In a Creator app, you will get two features that make it fun and compelling. First, it incorporates some special features for Facebook Live. People using the app can create custom intros and outros- making it very handy, with an ability to add interactive stickers and a custom video frame. The app can also take and edit photos and post them to Facebook Stories and other platforms.

Second, the intuitive feature is communication. The app creates a unified inbox for comment on Facebook, Instagram and messages from Messenger. You do not have to bounce between different apps in order to respond to people. In addition, App also contains analytics so creators can get information about the post.

Facebook also announced a new Website for Creators called as "Facebook for Creators". If you are creator you can find resources and tips on how to create great videos, connect with fans and grow on Facebook.

If you’re a creator, with Facebook for Creators you can:

  • Learn skills and techniques to make your content shine

  • Find answers to common creator-specific questions

  • Join the community to be considered for early access to new features and tools

To join the Facebook for creators community you can go here.

Currently, App is available on iOS and in the coming month, it is supposed to come to Android.

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